Coloring Book For Toddlers

Coloring Book features:

  • Over 50 cute and unique illustration designs.
  • Color an assortment of animals, objects and things that go.
  • Large designs for little artists.
  • Names included with each design for learning and coloring.
  • Single-sided pages to prevent bleeding through.
  • Color with crayons, colored pencils, markers or watercolors.
  • Illustrations suitable for boys and girls. 


I was thrilled to learn that several of my Coloring Books and Picture Books were recently added to the Children’s Hospital’s Amazon Wish List.  If you would like to give a Tax Deductible gift to the precious kids looking for something to do while staying in the hospital, please consider giving a gift of coloring books, picture books or any of the number of other books on their list.
I have included the link to their Amazon wish list page. Books purchased from their Amazon wish list will be sent directly to the children’s hospital and shipped through Amazon. 
Thanks for considering a gift to the children’s hospital! 
To place your order for coloring books delivered to your home click the Amazon link to order them through Amazon.