ACHOO! ACHOO! I’ve Got the Flu 2. It’s flu and cold season again. This time Mema and Pepa have the grand kids over. Loaded up with pizza, movies and other goodies they are all settled in for a fun filled week, until Mema sneezes and one by one they come down with the flu leaving poor Dewey to care for all their needs.

ACHOO! ACHOO! I’ve Got the Flu 2,  is a humorous story written in rhyme and for kids of all ages.  Publication date Nov, 2021


PANCAKES AND SOCKS, When a little boy grows tired of the same boring breakfast, he decides to cook up his own peculiar fiber-filled creations for his family, turning his house upside down. PANCAKES AND SOCKS is a recipe for silliness, sure to tickle the hearts of children ages 3-7. This book is written in rhyme. Publication date July 2021.

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Sammy likes the mud and everything messy. Until one day he has a change of heart. PIGGYWAYS, is a read aloud rhyming picture book written for children ages 3-7. Publication date September, 2021. Available in PAPERBACK.

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Tillie takes her favorite stuffed monkey, Tavi, everywhere… That is, until Dad brings home some toys for Tillie that tickle her socks off. TILLIE AND TAVI is a story about remembering your first friend. This picture book is written in prose for children ages 3-7. Publication date July 2021. Available in PAPERBACK and HARDCOVER


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ACHOO! ACHOO! I’ve Got the Flu, is now available in PAPERBACK . NEW SQUARE BOOK SIZE and 2 NEW ILLUSTRATION pages come with the Paperback version.



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“The author is a fantastic story teller! This book conveys a strong message of compassion for all and does it in a way that is relatable and creative for all ages. We have distributed the book to patients and families and the feedback is wonderful. Highly recommend this book.” – Rose, Children’s Hospital

This hardcover book was printed and bound in the U.S.A

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